We love to raise and train gaited horse.  The horses for sale here are the same ones that we use ourselves for trail riding and for field trials.

    Our natural training methods are designed to have a well behaved and smooth gaited horse.  We strive to have horses that are relaxed under saddle and calm around people.  Horses at Cocklebur Farms are put through lots of ground work that most trainers skip.  We believe in desensitizing our horses to wide variety of familiar sights and sounds such as plastic bags and hand movements around their head.  All of our horses have experienced being clipped, having their hooves picked up and trimmed, being tied by themselves, sprayed by fly spray and being washed.  We believe in placing our hands over their entire body which helps create a bond with the horse.   Our horses learn to respect your space and not to intrude.  We believe in encouraging lateral flexibility in our horses by having them to flex their head to their girth area.  Good lateral flexion will help them later with vertical flexion for proper collection to assist in gait.

Overall, we use a firm but gentle approach with lots of patience to develop the qualities for a dependable and smooth horse.

    Only after a horse has learned our ground manner lessons is it ready to start under saddle.

    We begin riding when a horse turns two years old.  We spend over two months teaching the flat walk.  Next, our horses are taught a smooth four beat gait such as the foxtrot or running walk depending on the horse's preference.  All of our horses are taught to canter with a smooth transition into and out of gait after they are set in their gait.   Our horses are exposed to dogs around the barn and on training rides.   We do not own a horse that will kick or spook from a dog!  Our horses are exposed to various types of rough terrain such as creeks, bridges, and ditches.  They are comfortable around wildlife, cars, tractors, lawn mowers, and four wheelers.   We teach all horses to neck rein, stand still while mounting and easy loading into and out of a trailer.

We believe in putting lots of easy miles in when riding. This slow paced style develops muscle memory in gait!  Once the gait is properly developed, we start increasing their speed.  We do not rush the gait training, a slow and easy style will work the best in the long run. 

Colt Starting

Our horses are put into their stalls each day to be fed.  After feeding, each is groomed, checked,  and put through their workout.  The workout is specialized for each horse depending on the horse needs. This daily attention makes our horses easy to catch, relaxed around people, and responsive to our commands. 

Daily Training
Our Way of Raising, Training, and Selling Horses
Shots and Wormings:

  • We vaccinate for Encephalomyelitis, Influenza, Rhino, Tetanus, Rabies, Strangles,  and West Nile Virus

  • Horses are dewormed every six weeks and once a year for tapeworms

  • All Horses have a current negative Coggins

  • All Horses have health records for each horse that includes: shots, dewormings, farrier, and dental work

  • All horses have dental work yearly