Cocklebur Farms specializes in raising and training eye catching, well gaited field trial and quality flatshod trail horses.  We have Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Foxtrotters, Gaited Mules, and Walkaloosa Horses.  At Cocklebur Farms, we put in hundreds of hours on groundwork and in the saddle.   We are constantly trail riding and participating in bird dog field trials.  

       We have broke geldings, mares, yearlings, and weanlings for sale.  All our our horses  are honest in temperament and training.  Our horses have been trail ridden and field trialed.  They are extremely familiar with dogs (all of their behaviors) and obstacles such as mud, creeks, banks, and ditches. We require NICE horses to participate in the activities that we enjoy.  Our horses have jobs!  We strive to provide horses that you will enjoy to ride and look good riding.  They are familiar with wildlife and will always be easy to catch, trim, shoe, bath, and trailer.

We can deliver your new horse for a small fee or help you arrange shipping. 

Cocklebur Farms are located in Bolivar, TN.  About 1 hour East of Memphis, TN and 30 minutes south of Jackson, TN.  Everyone is welcome to come and ride a horse.  We can ride for 5 minutes or 2 hours through many different types of terrain such as woods and fields.  

Contact Amy & Bubba at:

Cell      731-697-8827
This page was last updated: 2/20/2015